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Solar Guide

Backup Energy Storage

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Outage Protection

Energy Independence

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Easily expand with the modular system

Start off with the all in one system and add to it if you need more power by simply adding more batteries and/or solar panels

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Load shedding solutions

Energy you can rely on

Solar solutions

A system that pays for itself

A load shedding solution is a system designed to keep your electricity on throughout a power outage or temporary downtime without interuption. 

A Solar solution is a system designed to harness and convert the suns energy to power your home or business. Giving you access to free and stable electricity.

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Off grid packages

From R82,950

Complete solar power kits. These units can make your home or business completely self reliant. 


Uninterrupted electricity 24/7 

Remote smart electricity management

Increase the overall value of your home

Find out which system you need

Solar Panels

From R2,950

Get your system to pay for it's self by going off grid. Solar Panels are at the most cost effective point in history with the lowest Rand per watt. 

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