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Energy you can rely on

Livoltek Lithium Ion Battery



The Livoltek BLF51 battery series is the ideal home energy storage solution With high energy density, the BLF51 is space-saving for indoor or outdoor installation. To serve evolving load requirements, flexible expansion can fit your energy demand.

Up to 12 hours energy storage on average

Each battery holds enough energy to power the average 3 bedroom house for up to 12 hours depending on your energy requirements.

Easy installation

The plug and play unit allows you to easily connect your battery the rest of your system

Quiet & Compact

The system is completely silent thanks to its fanless cooling system

Solar Ready

Connect solar panels and an inverter to get your system to pay for itself in 4 to 6 years

Smart System

Moniter your energy usage from anywhere in the world

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5kwh Lithium Battery used to store energy generatwed from solar panels or the grid

Connect up to 5 batteries

amounting to 25kWh of battery storage

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Customise your system to suit your needs

Add compatible products to your system

Take a closer look

The Livoltek All-in-One system 

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Slim and compact design. 

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Reinforced wall mounts allow you to mount the inverter on a wall out of the way.

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Built-in 5kWh Inverter used to convert your stored energy into usuable energy


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10 year warranty

Get a 10 year warranty on your battery as well as 10 years on your inverter if you go off-grid

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