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The Kool Energy 1.5kW Power Trolley was designed to be the most cost effective way to combat loadshedding. 


The power trolley can power the following from 4 - 6 hours...

  • 47 inch Smart TV
  • Decoder
  • WIFI Router
  • 2 x Phone Chargers
  • Laptop Charger


The Kool Energy 1.5kW power trolley comes with four built on wheels, designed to make pushing the unit to wherever you need electricity, easy for everybody. One of the best features of the Kool Energy power trolley is that the unit can act as a UPS, giving you an uninterrupted supply of electricity.


The power trolley is able to be charged up by either grid elctricity (your wall socket/plug) or by a solar panel.


The slick plug & play design, comes with all the bells and whistles making getting through loadshedding a piece of cake.


As the Kool Energy power trolley provides power to all your essentials. the power trolley also comes with built in surge protection acting as a layer of protection between our increasingly unstanble power grid and our beloved and pricey electronic's.

Kool Energy Power Trolley 1.5kW

R13 299,00Price
  • The Kool Energy 1.5kW power trolley will take approximately 90mins to charge. 

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