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The new Livoltek All-in-One smart solar system was designed to give you freedom of electricity. Change the way think about electricity by not only cutting your electricity bills but putting an end to loadshedding.


The Livoltek All-in-One solar system comes with a fully intergrated App which provides you with an "industry first" 24/7 monitoring and management system. You can always keep an eye on your solar systems data conveniently and easily via your smartphone or tablet, as well as recieve equipment failure alarms, your current energy yield, CO2 savings and earnings of your solar system.


The Livoltek All-in-One system comes with a built-in 5kWh Inverter & 5kWh Lithium Ion battery, which provides enough electricity to power a normal size four bedroom home. The system comes with functionality called Dual MPPT allowing you to position your solar panels in two different places on your roof, if your roof is not big enough to position all of your panles together.


The Livoltek All-in-One system comes with a 5 Year Warrenty on the Inverter & 10 Year Warrenty on the battery, as well as the possibilty to extend your Warrenty.


What's in the box?


Livoltek All-In-One 5kWh

R49 980,00Price
  • Yes, flexible storage capacity allows up to 5 batteries to be connected together amounting up to 25 kWh in battery storage potential. 

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