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The Livoltek GF series smart solar inverter manages your solar panels keeping your battery"s" charged and providing you with an uninterupted power supply. The Inverter can also be connected to a public electricity grid or diesel generator.


The Livoltek GF series can run purely off solar power without being connected to a battery. This is suitable for residents with a high daily electricity usage or a business that only operates during the day.


The Livoltek 5kW Off-Grid Inverter is compatible with; Lead Acid, Gel, Lithium & has a MAX PV Input of 6000w


Once this inverter is installed, you can use the free app to monitor your solar system remotely via the Wi-Fi & LAN (2 in 1) module at any time.

Off-Grid Inverter 5kw (WIFI)

R9 922,50Price
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